With the GOP winning back control of the U.S. House of Representatives following the 2022 elections, Republicans now have a better chance of pushing through legislation from their members as the majority party.

Congresswoman Boebert has successfully passed 65 amendments through the House this year, including six pro-veteran amendments that would increase funding for issues like prosthetic research, extended care facilities and suicide awareness. In addition to her bills and amendments, the Congresswoman has secured nearly $20 million through the House Appropriations Committee to fund water and infrastructure projects in Colorado.

Explore Congresswoman Boebert’s Accomplishments:

HR1067: American Energy Act

Congresswoman Boebert’s American Energy Act successfully passed through the House as part of HR1. The bill extends the length of drilling permits from two to four years, which allows energy producers on the Western Slope and beyond to focus more on producing energy and spend less time adhering to bureaucratic requirements.

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HR2366: 90-Day Review Act

Also part of HR1 which was successfully passed by the House, the 90-Day Review Act decreases the amount of time that someone or an organization can file for a judicial review of a permit or major infrastructure project from 150 days to 90 days. This would be a huge boost to getting major infrastructure projects moving instead of being bogged down by the threat of litigation from bad actors.

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HR2746: Pueblo Jobs Act

The Pueblo Jobs Act is a critical piece of legislation for the Southern Colorado economy that would protect and create over 1,000 jobs after the scheduled closing down of the Pueblo Chemical Depot. The bill was passed through the House as part of the National Defense Authorization Act in July and has companion legislation from Senators John Hickenlooper and Michael Bennet in the Senate’s version of the NDAA, making it highly likely this bill is ultimately signed into law. This legislation would require the Army to follow standard operating procedures for the closing of the Depot, which would allow for infrastructure to remain that could be used by the private sector for economic development.

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HR2746: Trust The Science Act

In response to decisions that kept grey wolves listed as an endangered species by the Biden Administration, Congresswoman Boebert partnered with Rep. Tom Tiffany of Wisconsin to introduce the Trust The Science Act and delist the grey wolf as an endangered species. This would get the federal government out of the way of states taking action to allow ranchers and farmers to protect their livestock from being killed by grey wolves. This legislation was supported by a multitude of ranching and farming advocacy groups, including the Colorado Farm Bureau and the Colorado Livestock Association. While this bill would not immediately produce a fix to the problem in Colorado due to Proposition 114 and the state’s listing of the grey wolf, it has raised awareness of the issue and would remove the federal government as a roadblock to progress. The bill recently passed through the House as part of the Interior Appropriations Bill.

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HR2997: CONVEY Act

Congresswoman Boebert worked directly with local stakeholders in Mesa County to craft this piece of legislation, which would allow the County to purchase 31 acres of BLM land at fair-market value in Clifton that could be used for economic development. After years of the County unsuccessfully trying to acquire the land, Congresswoman Boebert stepped up to produce a legislative solution to the problem. The legislation has been passed through the House Natural Resources Committee and has the support of BLM.

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HR3675: Western Water Accelerated Revenue Repayment Act

The WWARR Act allows water users who currently have infrastructure debts or leases with the federal government to pay off their amount due ahead of schedule. This not only allows these users to get out from under the bureaucracy and red tape of the government, but brings in more federal revenue at a quicker rate. The bill provides stability to water users and was supported by a wide coalition of stakeholders including the Colorado Water Congress and the Family Farm Alliance, which led to its passage through the House Natural Resources Committee in July.

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HR4596: “Endangered Fish” Bill

This piece of legislation, which has a bipartisan companion bill in the Senate sponsored by Senator John Hickenlooper, would protect four species of threatened and endangered fish as well as preventing 2,500 water and power users, with 1,200 in Colorado, from being subject to burdensome government regulations after the current programs expire in September 2024. The bill has a broad coalition of support from local stakeholders and passed through the House Natural Resources Committee unanimously.

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HR6009: Restoring America’s Energy Dominance (RAED) Act

In response to another harmful BLM rule that would put more undue regulations on oil & gas producers in the 3rd District, Congresswoman Boebert introduced the RAED Act to repeal this Biden Administration policy. The bill passed through the House as part of the Interior Appropriations Bill.

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