Aspen Adam already caught lying to secure Democrat nomination

Lauren Boebert for Congress announced today the launch of to fact-check Adam Frisch, the Democrat opponent for the November 8, 2022 election to represent Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District in the United States House of Representatives.

Aspen Adam is already caught in his first major lie of the campaign, as he falsely but intentionally claimed multiple times, “I’ve been unaffiliated my entire life” and “I was unaffiliated my whole life until December 27th of 2021 and it was not easy to explain to the Democrat primary voters why I’ve only been a Democrat for seven minutes of that during the primary.”

Go to to hear The Silverman Show audio clip and see Aspen Adam’s 1992 Democrat voter registration card.

On his voter registration card Adam Frisch testifies under penalty of perjury that he registered as a Democrat in 1992.

Aspen Adam’s strategy for lying was exposed when Bloomberg reported on 8.9.22 that, “The Democrat challenger is trying to defeat incumbent Lauren Boebert by downplaying his party affiliation…‘I’ve been unaffiliated my whole life’ says Frisch…Frisch looked at some polling last fall and realized if a moderate, pro-business candidate could make it through the primary, he’d have the best shot…”.

Adam Frisch’s lie worked, as he manipulated the election with his fake political background to court unaffiliated and more moderate voters to win the Democrat primary by 289 votes.

Voters and the press should have a hard time trusting anything Aspen Adam says if he is willing to lie about something as simple as his voter registration.

Lauren Boebert for Congress will continue to provide fact checks at

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