Boebert: Let me draw your attention to the crisis at our southern border

I wasn’t about to let Hidin’ Biden get away with not mentioning the crisis he created at the southern border during his address to Congress, so I forced the fake news media to cover it by wearing the same kind of Mylar blanket that the Biden administration is giving to the record-setting 18,000 unaccompanied minors in their custody who have come over the border in recent months. When children are sleeping in tin foil blankets, that’s a crisis. Real leaders address crises, but President Joe Biden punts them to his ever-absent number two, Vice President Kamala Harris.

The recently appointed border czar, Harris, seems to have taken her leadership strategy right out of Biden’s lead-from-the-basement playbook. Rather than visiting the border to see the humanitarian crisis her administration created, she’s spent the past few weeks visiting her friends in San Francisco and going yarn shopping. Maybe she should visit the border and crochet some blankets for the kids her administration has locked up in cages?

Thursday marks the 50th day since Harris has been appointed border czar, but she has no plans to visit the border. When asked about it by a reporter last month, she resorted to the ole’ cackle and said “not today.” In fact, her only real idea for how to address the border crisis is to waste your tax dollars on a tree planting agreement proposed by the Mexican government. You can’t make this stuff up.

The rest of Biden’s solutions are even worse. The Biden White House is proposing diverting $4 billion taxpayer dollars from the border wall funding to corrupt governments in Central America. They’d rather build roads in Venezuela than build the wall. Additionally, Biden reinstated Obama’s Central American Minors program which flies immigrants from Central America whose parents have legal status here directly to the United States, free of charge, provides them with cash, and helps them file for taxpayer-funded benefits like food stamps and Medicaid once they arrive. Democrats are more worried about assisting immigrants than they are about protecting you.

While Kamala plants trees and crochets and Joe hides in his basement, the American people are suffering.  In rural Colorado, we have at least 190,000 “illegal aliens,” as defined by U.S. immigration statutes. They are costing our economy an estimated $1.1 billion per year, according to a 2017 report put out by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR). That does not include the millions of dollars immigrants send back to their home countries annually.

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