Newsletter: Important Updates from Team Boebert

Standing for the Second Amendment

Lauren will never, ever stop fighting to preserve our Second Amendment. Biden can keep trying to destroy it, but I’ll fight him (and anyone else) every step of the way! There is nothing you can do to stop evil in this world. There is no law you can pass. There is nothing you can ban. And as long as there is evil in the world, Lauren is going to fight for your right to protect you and your family from it. That’s why Lauren introduced the Shall Not Be Infringed Act to repeal RINO gun control laws.

Solving Our Debt Ceiling Crisis

Instead of trampling on the Constitution, Joe Biden needs to help solve the nation’s debt ceiling crisis. Our House Republicans are the only ones who’ve passed a solution. It’s way past time to get this solved for the good of our nation. WATCH THIS VIDEO from Lauren on this issue.

Going After the Biden Crime Family

When she was appointed to the House Oversight Committee, Lauren made a promise to us that she was going to go after the Biden Crime Family. Now, we’re seeing the fruits of those labors. The Oversight Committee has found that the Biden Crime Family received more than $10 million from foreign nationals while he was serving as Vice President.

Talking Energy, Bills and Birds in Pueblo

Lauren spent some time last week in the biggest city in her district, Pueblo. She got a tour of the relatively new Pueblo Community Health Center building on the East Side, for which she supported a grant in late 2022 in the federal appropriations bill. Lauren also visited with leaders from the San Isabel Electric Association to discuss the association’s concern about the fast-paced transition to unreliable energy and some of her recent legislation that passed the House in March. She ended the afternoon with a tour of the Raptor Center at the Nature & Wildlife Discovery Center on the western edge of Pueblo, where injured birds of prey are rehabilitated and released back into the wild after recovery.

Supporting Our Veterans

A Soros-funded radical liberal group, dubbed “VoteVets,” who has been active in targeting conservative lawmakers for years, is now coming after Lauren, painting her as “Anti-Veteran.” All across the country Democrats are once again using Veterans to try to scare you and falsely attack Lauren and other Republican Representatives – just like they did with Medicare and just like the Democrats did last election. This new attack is so full of lies that even the Washington Post agreed it was false. To all the Veterans out there, just know Lauren has your back and we appreciate you!

Protecting Farmers from Predators

Lauren’s Trust the Science Act, which would remove the gray wolf from the Endangered Species list, has passed out of the Natural Resources Committee. The gray wolf population has wreaked havoc on Colorado farmers and their livestock. It’s time to put people over violent predators.

Fighting for New Colorado Infrastructure Projects

For decades, Congress used earmarks to buy votes for midnight, trillion-dollar spending bills and other wasteful spending. Taxpayer dollars were wasted on things like the $223 million Bridge to Nowhere and the $50 million indoor rainforest. Several members of Congress and dozens of lobbyists were even indicted and went to prison for earmark corruption in the early 2000s.
Check out Lauren’s recent op-ed from the Craig Daily Press.

Taking Care of Constituents

For over five years, Mesa County has been waiting on action from the Bureau of Land Management on their request to purchase 31.1 acres of federal land in the Clifton area. So Lauren took action. She introduced the Clifton Opportunities Now For Vibrant Economic Yields (CONVEY) Act, which cuts through bureaucratic red tape and expedite the process.

Sign Lauren’s Border Security Petition

With Title 42 now expired, word has gone out to the world that the American border is OFFICIALLY open, and we’re seeing a surge across the Mexico border like never before. If you think it is bad now, just wait for what’s next. The same tyrants mandated what Americans put in and on their bodies and silenced their questions and concerns. Why can’t we SHUT DOWN our border and truly protect our citizens?!
If you’re with us, sign Lauren’s BORDER SECURITY PETITION today!

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