Lauren Boebert Earns Top Line on June 30th Republican Primary Ballot

Rifle, Colorado - Lauren Boebert, the conservative candidate for the United States House of Representatives, earned the top placement of the Colorado 3rd Congressional District June 30th Republican primary ballot today and in doing so relegated 5-term Congressman Scott Tipton to the bottom of the ballot.

“I am thrilled to earn the top line on the Republican primary ballot,” said Lauren Boebert. “I promised delegates when I started my campaign that I would work hard to earn their vote and I couldn’t be more proud to have earned their trust and support.”

After Lauren Boebert spent only two months of campaigning, Congressman Scott Tipton, who previously spent 8 years as Chairman of the 3rd Congressional District, chose to bypass Republican delegates and the assembly process in January and instead chose to buy his way on to the ballot using paid signature gatherers.

“I’m going to win the Republican primary because I’m the true conservative in this race. Mr. Tipton has voted alongside Nancy Pelosi far too often, granting millions amnesty, wasting billions of taxpayer dollars, and cuddling up to the likes of Jared Polis to push green new deal types of energy schemes. I’m motivated by freedom, will defend the Constitution and fight for our conservative principles every day I’m in Congress. I’ll help send President Trump better bills, drain the swamp and build the wall.”

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