Lauren Boebert Rips Joe Biden Over Gun Control Measures: 'Second Amendment is Absolute'

Republican Colorado Representative Lauren Boebert has criticized Democratic President Joe Biden’s gun control efforts by stating, “The Second Amendment is absolute. Anyone who says otherwise is a tyrant.”

Boebert published her tweet just hours after a mass shooter in Bryan, Texas killed one person and injured five others. Her tweet also came on the same day that Biden issued several executive orders seeking to reduce gun violence nationwide.

The congresswoman has remained a vocal supporter of gun rights and the Second Amendment. In a January 3 ad, she announced that she would “carry my Glock to Congress,” referring to her handgun.

Biden’s executive actions, issued on Thursday, would require the use of serial numbers to track homemade “ghost guns”, require registration for products that modify guns to make them deadlier and encourage states to use “red flag” laws to keep dangerous people from carrying guns.

Additionally, Biden’s order seeks to invest $5 billion towards community violence intervention programs and tasks the Department of Justice and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives to issue annual reports on gun trafficking.

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