Montrose Press: “I’m excited to be home" Congresswoman Lauren Boebert discusses national, local issues

Representative Lauren Boebert knows hot-button, national issues may be top-of-mind for constituents — but she said after talking longer with many voters in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District, they often end up discussing local issues. 

Yesterday, the congresswoman sat down with staff at the Daily Press to tackle a little bit of both, as she’s back in Colorado with Congress in recess.

“I’m so excited to be home — out of the swamp,” she said. 

Press staff had about half an hour to chat with Boebert, who spoke on securing federal funding for local infrastructure, as well as topics of national interest like “wokeness” — a term that’s become a conservative rallying cry — political divisiveness and what it’s like to be part of the Republican majority in the house.

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