Gazette: Send Lauren Boebert, a young impassioned leader, to Congress

If Lauren Boebert lands a job in Congress Nov. 3, she will improve the brand of the Republican Party.

Washington Free Beacon: Mitsch Bush Campaigns as a Moderate, Obscuring Radical Record

Colorado Democrat Diane Mitsch Bush has backtracked on her past support for Medicare for All and the Green New Deal in an effort to win over voters in a highly contested swing district.

Diane Mitsch Bush Caught Lying Again

NEW LIE! Democrat Diane Mitsch Bush Lies About Vaccines. Diane Mitsch Bush's most recent commercial tries scaring voters into believing Lauren Boebert is against vaccines. Except that isn't true and Diane Mitsch Bush has lied yet again. Lauren, her husband are both vaccinated and made the personal choice to vaccinate all of their children.

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