Unaffected Public Sector Employees Should Not Receive $1,200 checks


Rifle, Colorado - Lauren Boebert, Republican candidate for the United States House of Representatives running against five-term incumbent Scott Tipton in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District, issued the following statement following passage of the $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus package:

“A responsible stimulus bill should have been passed to help those who are at risk of losing their jobs and businesses through no fault of their own and to help those who are keeping us safe. Rather than keeping focused on the needs at hand, Scott Tipton voted to borrow and spend billions of more taxpayer dollars to pay millions of federal and state public sector employees $1,200 checks who are not on the front lines of the coronavirus epidemic and who are not at risk of losing their paychecks or their jobs. Scott Tipton raised no concerns about this while he voted to put the country a couple of more trillion dollars in debt.”

She added, “I hope everyone stays safe out there. Thank you to all of the medical community for taking care of our citizens and to our public safety and military members who continue to do their jobs despite facing even more dangerous risks. You are in my prayers and deserve our unwavering support. We will find a way through this because of you and because America always finds a way to solve the biggest challenges that come our way.”

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