Washington Examiner OpEd: Lauren Boebert is the right choice for Republicans and Colorado's 3rd District

by Christopher Tremoglie, Commentary Writer

Liberals, Democrats, and other left-wingers generally fear strong, conservative, Republican women. The Left knows that such women are an imminent threat to its political agenda. They typically support strong border security, law and order, pro-life policies, and a political platform that puts America first — everything the Left despises. These women reject everything liberals and Democrats stand for and go against the perpetual victimization the Left promotes. Successful conservative women shatter the idea that women cannot escape patriarchy in this country. The Left fears such women, and perhaps the one it fears the most is Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO).

Boebert has been a godsend for conservative Republicans, and she is the right choice for Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District in the midterm election. She’s passionately defended her political stances and doesn’t back down from the Left’s vitriol and attacks. She has been repeatedly challenged in her short political career. The Left, and its accomplices in the legacy media, have tried to sabotage Boebert at every turn. Her latest obstacle is Adam Frisch, her Democratic opponent in the upcoming election. He’s a wealthy Aspen elitist who has repeatedly been caught lying in his campaign, including “forgetting” his previous political registration as a Democrat.


Boebert has been the 3rd Congressional District’s strongest supporter and fiercest defender. There is nothing Frisch can say or do to portray himself as the better option. Boebert is everything a resident should want in their congressional representative.

Whether it’s been defending the rights of small business owners or counseling women in her community to become “self-sufficient and productive members of society who do not depend on government assistance,” Boebert has regularly been a positive impact in her district. She has a record of helping Colorado residents that Frisch could only dream of having.

Additionally, she’s had many legislative victories for her district — feats that the legacy media have primarily ignored with hopes that it would damage her electability in 2022. Consider her voting record.

While in office, Boebert fought for better access to quality medical care and secured $1.74 billion in funding for Community Health Centers, eight of which are in her district.

Boebert also worked to allocate $48 million to the U.S. Forest Service. These funds are important and will help mitigate the state’s wildfire hazards. It’s a legislative win that will help the U.S. Forest Service “prevent wildfires and responsibly manage our forests.”

She’s also worked to allocate $10 million in funding for the Bureau of Indian Affairs’ Indian Irrigation Fund. Unbeknownst to most people, this legislation helps provide irrigation to the Southern Ute Native Americans. She also voted to secure $515 million to help fund law enforcement, firefighters, education, and other community efforts through the Payment In Lieu of Taxes (PILT) program. Boebert also voted for $1 million to go to the Wolf Livestock Loss Demonstration Program, which compensates farmers whose livestock is killed by wolves introduced into areas through federal programs.

Lauren Boebert has been an influential and empowering congresswoman in every aspect. Whether helping her district or defending the constitution, she’s demonstrated the dedication and passion many politicians on the Right are too afraid to show. She’s been relentlessly attacked and mercilessly mocked by the Left (and sometimes by those on the Right), but she’s never backed down. It’s an appreciative trait that many Republican voters want from their politicians.

Furthermore, Boebert’s been one of the country’s strongest defenders on culturally conservative issues. She’s defended the right to life for unborn children, strong border security, the Second Amendment, and protecting our cherished constitutional rights and liberties. She’s been an outspoken critic of the radical, left-wing agenda, routinely criticizing “woke” politics and societal horrors like gender ideology.

Lauren Boebert is a courageous and unapologetically conservative Republican. She has repeatedly shown she will not cower to the Left’s intimidation efforts. She’s been a true patriot in every sense of the word, and that is why she deserves reelection and is the right choice for Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District.

Source: Washington Examiner

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